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Printing Method For Card Printing
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How to choose Printing method for card printing and Card Printing Process.

cardThe traditional card printing requires personal information, can let a person at a glance know your basic situation, best Jump List. But now, whether it is the size of the card printing, display form, and even material is in the new. For example, a rubber card printing, in general, it is similar to a "chewing gum", Cards Printing but if you are strong enough, you can find each other's card information. If the card is printed on a malleable material, pull it open to see the relevant content, will it make you especially noticed by others?

Of course, the card printing light is not creative enough, quality is the key to the market based on card printing. Some small workshops to pursue speed, hope and a small amount of custom to profit, but make haste, although the advantages of digital fast printing can not be compared to traditional printing, Cards Printing but do not forget that the printing quality must be controlled. For example, the card edge cutting will have a slight fade phenomenon, at this time, the card printing workers to communicate with customers, ahead of time to make a preliminary award, Cards Printing suggest that customers use coated or UV oil treatment.

If the customer pursues the printing effect, then according to the printing paper condition, for hot and concave processing, similar to the design of the seal can give each other a sense of distinction, so notice that your card printing fine, many peers are currently this technology, Cards Printing as long as there is the premise of durability, that is your exquisite workmanship.

How to choose Printing method for card printing

1, computer Digital card: Card printing using computer and color laser printer can be completed, card paper using 292x197mm paper, each piece of paper can do 10 cards. Its characteristics are: printing speed is very fast, typesetting printing one, and the quality of the card is good, Cards Printing a simple box of cards from the receipt, typesetting to delivery can be completed within 30 minutes. The high quality and timeliness of computer digital cards make it a mainstream card-making method.

2, Offsctdruckereien card: Card printing using computer, black and white laser printer, print machine, card offset printing press to complete, card paper using 90x55mm Card special paper, Cards Printing each piece of paper can only print a card. It is characterized by: can fully express all the cards of the creative, for the current traditional card printing form. Disadvantages: The printing speed is slow, the delivery cycle is longer, the price is higher, and the quality is not very high.

3, Special card: Card printing using computer, laser printer, print machine, Cards Printing small screen printing machine to complete, the card with other than paper other media, media size general 90x55mm, each can only print a card. Its characteristics are: The general medium is thicker than the card paper and hard, suitable for high-end, personalized card, grade because the use of different media and various.

Card Printing Process

Card printing is currently the main three kinds, the simplest for laser printing, followed by offset printing, screen printing is the most complex. At present, Cards Printing laser printing and offsctdruckereien widely used, screen printing is relatively small.

1, Laser Printing: For the current use of the most extensive printing methods. Offsctdruckereien and screen also can not be separated from laser printing, their simple Seihan also by laser printing to complete. The current laser printing can be divided into black and color two categories, they can make different grades of computer cards.

2, Offsctdruckereien: is the current traditional card printing method. Cards Printing It is more complex to use than a computer card, the first card-like version to be designed to hit the transfer paper, or out into a printed film (a color picture of the network cable), and then use the printer to transfer paper or the card-like version of the green card on the special PS printing plate, the Sun good PS version of the card printing press can be printed.

3, Screen printing: because it is not suitable for paper printing, in the card printing rarely used. Screen printing and Offsctdruckereien, Cards Printing also need to design a good card-like version of the transfer paper, or out into a printing film, and then use a screen-printing machine to transfer paper or the card-like version of the forest on the screen printing plate, and then put the screen printing screen printing press can be printed.

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