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Packaging And Printing In Different Market Segments
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In principle, all printing processes can be used for packaging and printing, but the market share is undoubtedly the largest offset, gravure and flexo, and its share of the size of the regional differences, product type, type of printing materials have a great relationship.

PackagingCommonly used packaging printing features

In principle, all printing processes can be used for packaging and printing, but the market share is undoubtedly the largest offset, gravure and flexo, and its share of the size of the regional differences, product type, type of printing materials have a great relationship.

1. Offset

Offset has always been known for its high quality printing and low prepress costs. With a high degree of automation equipment, offset quality can be well controlled, Bags Printing but offset printing in the batch printing in the inevitable color changes and fluctuations is its main problem, while its printing in the web is also a lack of certain size variability. I believe that the development potential of offset printing has been exhausted in the printing quality and production profits will not have more to enhance.


Gravure coloring ability, ink drying energy consumption is high, Bags Printing but the plate length is long, high cost, usually suitable for high quality, high volume, substrate smoothness suitable for packaging printing. But the short-term trend of packaging and printing, making this printing process is facing increasing challenges.

3. flexo

Although the era of flexo can only print a simple job has passed, but it can not escape can not provide high-quality printing reputation, it may be true, but in some ways, Bags Printing flexo quality has gone beyond the quality of other printing processes, The case is not uncommon. For example, it has been fully confirmed that flexo can provide greater color gamut space than offset printing. As a simple way to process a wide variety of substrates, Bags Printing flexo has now become the world's most profitable packaging and printing process.

4. Digital printing

Digital printing is not required for plate making and can provide variable data printing, making the print content different, but because of the high cost of printing, Bags Printing so that in the foreseeable future can not cover the entire packaging and printing market.

When observing the global packaging and printing market (excluding the folding carton printing market), we can see that the flexo ruled the Western Hemisphere, while gravure was dominant in the Eastern Hemisphere. Which may have historical reasons, because flexo originated in North America, and there are few traditionally printed with gravure. According to the author's view, gravure in Asia has a higher market share also has its tradition, Bags Printing mainly due to loose environmental legislation. Although the environmental legislation in Asia has become more stringent in recent years, the market share of gravure will not fall immediately.

While Europe is in equilibrium: almost completely focused on the folding carton printing offset printing market in a stagnant state, gravure market decline, flexo market growth, Bags Printing the digital printing market in its lower starting point on the substantial growth.

In different market segments

1. Folding carton

In the field of folding carton applications, mainly cosmetics, frozen food, cigarettes, medicine and other fields, offset the dominant position, the main printing method is a single sheet of paper printing, can achieve online surface finishing, such as UV polishing, Bags Printing and die Or pressure bumps and other finishing process can only be completed offline. From the current application situation, the future offset printing in the field of folding carton market share can only achieve the expected small growth.

In addition, some of the paper used for tobacco packaging printing gravure, and the relatively small share of single sheet gravure, its market share are shrinking, and flexo will accept a small part of the market share, but even soft India can provide offset production capacity, which is still not good in this market segment, Bags Printing because the offset to create the "fort" is too strong, printing companies fear of transformation, but digital printing can be achieved because of personalized printing and more easily accepted The

2. Film packaging

For the dessert, food, frozen food, such as plastic bags, plastic film or envelope cover film packaging packaging market is the second important market segments, web gravure in this market segment has a very good positioning, Is generally considered to have a good print quality, but in recent years, the lack of flexibility in web gravure and plate making high cost "short board" has become increasingly prominent. While Flexo has established a solid market position in this market segment and continues to improve in print quality.

For some time, digital printing has tried to break into this market segment with its low-cost short version and personalized printing advantage. But now digital printing in the field of packaging and printing almost could not find the use, mainly because of its high cost of printing, Bags Printing short version and personalized printing advantage quickly depleted. Of course, I believe that with the rapid development of technology, digital printing costs higher problems will be resolved, then digital printing will usher in significant growth.

3. label

The current variety of labels, not only wet glue labels, but also stickers labels and sleeve labels. Among them, in the foreseeable future, wet glue labels will still use offset printing process, and the market share will not grow. Gravure is mainly used for printing special self-adhesive labels and some wet glue labels, the former market share will have a slight increase, while the latter will face atrophy. Bags Printing Although the flexo printing is strong in the label printing, but the recent impact of digital printing, the expected market share will be reduced; the contrary, flexo in the field of sleeve label applications will achieve significant growth. In the field of self-adhesive label printing, digital printing has occupied the second, although it can not quickly reach the first place, Bags Printing but the future will win more market share.

4. Corrugated cardboard

This segment of the two traditional printing process is offset and flexo, offset printing mainly to achieve pre-printed, and flexo can not only achieve pre-printing, but also to complete the direct printing. Due to the high cost, the author predicts that the development of offset printing in this market segment will gradually stagnate, and flexo with the printing quality of the continuous improvement, with greater growth potential, and is from the pre-printed to direct printing process changes.

But it should be noted that the current corrugated cardboard printing market is suffering from digital printing "beachhead." Although the high cost of digital printing, but this is not a foregone conclusion, Bags Printing the future of digital printing in this market segment will usher in greater room for growth.

In the packaging printing and printing less and less variety, increasing variety of large quantities of large volume of fragmentation and the impact of a variety of language versions, Bags Printing packaging and printing process market share distribution is quietly changing. I believe that "tomorrow" packaging printing will still be the main traditional printing, digital printing will be the most favorable supplement. Although digital printing already exists, but in order to achieve the "full coverage" in the field of packaging and printing, at least 10 years later, look forward to the arrival of that day.

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