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Stickers Printing Printing Speed
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Characteristics of stickers

stickerSticker printing has the following characteristics:

1 stickers are widely used in printing. Not only in the food and beverage, daily sundries, household appliances, cultural and educational supplies, etc., but also used in the field of commodity circulation of the price tag and clothing, textiles, medicine, cosmetics and so on.

2 stickers printing investment is small, effective fast stickers printed more trademarks and stickers, the format is small, only a trademark printing presses can be completed multi-color printing, film, online die-cutting, automatic waste, Hot stamping and all other processes, and printing speed, Adhesive Printing resulting in less waste. One machine, less investment

3 stickers printing paste easy. Do not glue, paste and other adhesives, Adhesive Printing tear off that paste, very convenient, and the appearance of the goods without any pollution.

4 stickers printed with durability. Sticky firm, sticky flexible, heat resistant to moisture, not aging.

Because of the above characteristics of the label, so that stickers printed materials come out, and soon the majority of users to replace the traditional trademark, has become an indispensable product of a decorative ornament.

With the continuous improvement of living standards, all walks of life need to stick to the printing process, so we can see each city has a large number of stickers printing factory, Adhesive Printing because it can bring huge profit margins, This process is to imprint the information to the surface of the substrate. Seemingly simple, the process is still very particular about the following to detailed about the stickers and ordinary printing compared to the different characteristics.

1 stickers range of applications is very wide, large to large enterprises, small to ordinary taxi shop, need to use this process, the most important thing is in the clothing market, each one once the price tag, Adhesive Printing and This label is a typical representative of the printing of stickers, although its price is very cheap, but imagine a market clothing, a region of clothing, it is the number can not be estimated, naturally brought self-adhesive profit return It is impossible to estimate.

2 stickers with convenience, as stickers printed on the back of the adhesive, Adhesive Printing in the use of very convenient, a paste on a tear on it. Do not use any glue can be bonded, and will not affect the appearance of the product. The most important thing is sticky printing can also heat-resistant tide, so you can use long-term, do not often replace.

3 stickers low cost, fast return, stickers of the process does not need much of the printing plant, do not need to have good machine equipment, Adhesive Printing a simple sticker presses can be printed on the product, And the speed is very fast, in the early times do not need much cost to complete all the processes, nor will the environment have any pollution.