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What Is Advertising Video Card?
Source: | Author:Imee Group Ltd | Publish time: 2018-04-26 | 197 Views | Share:
The video card can be used in advertising like car promotion, medicine promotion, educational advertising, etc, and it can also used in invitation like business invitation, wedding invitation, party invitation, etc. Furthermore, it can be birthday gift, business gift, promotion gift, festival gift, etc to the relevant people.

video card
A video module is a motherboard+
 LCD screen for video greeting card/video brochure/video booklet. With build-in 128M-8GB memory, all types video/music/picture are supported and high quality build-in battery allows the video to play all the time, charged by Mini or micro USB are available. It's the best way for your new product/company advertising with your own design paper card+ LCD video player. You can put your company/product information or ad in it. It will play automatically when you open the card, and power off when you close the card.

It can play video, photo, music format, and you can copy the file via PC, just like a USB driver.

The video card can be used in advertising like car promotion, medicine promotion, educational advertising, etcand it can also used in invitation like business invitation, wedding invitation, party invitation, etc. Furthermore, it can be birthday gift, business gift, promotion gift, festival gift, etc to the relevant people.

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