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Bookbinding 4- Stitched Or Sewn Binding
Source: | Author:Imee Group Ltd | Publish time: 2017-11-26 | 123 Views | Share:

Types of stitched or sewn bindings:

1.   sewn book is constructed in the same way as a hardbound book, except that it lacks the hard covers. The binding is as durable as that of a hardbound book. Sewn binding is also very similar to perfect binding and mainly used in book production requiring more durability than perfect binding. Normally, if the inner paper’s weight is or more than 128gsm, we would use sewn binding, while if less than 128gsm, we will use perfect binding.

sewn binding.jpg

2.   Stapling through the centerfold, divided into saddle stitch binding and loop stitch binding, joins a set of nested folios into a single magazine issue; most comic books are well-known examples of this type. Loop stitch binding can be hanging on the wall or inserted into binders.